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Ranking Revolution – If you don’t rank we give you a refund!

We provide high quality PBN links from established blogs that have aged gracefully and have earned the respect of the search engines – particularly Google. You won’t find a more carefully groomed and cultivated private blog network, where everything is geared towards making sure that every link helps to make your website rank as high as possible, and that we pass on as much authority as we are able.

We have setup our sites in a way that will not only get you links from a wide range of platforms but your links will also come from unspammed, nice and secured domains. We are pretty sure that Ranking Revolution Network would be your first choice for every website of yours.

Order now to feel the Exceptional Ranking Power!


  • 20 Unique Permanent Posts
  • A blog network built with Strong Domains, backed by Authority Content and carefully setup to withstand all google updates.
  • High authority domains with an average of TF 25+ & PA 25+
  • Hosted on A/B/C class IPs spread across major hosting providers. All domains have unique name servers
  • All domains in the network has Strong Backlink Profile. All the backlìnks pointing to the domains are natural and some of them have backlìnks from sites as high as PR7
  • High Quality Unique Content 400-500 words for every post
  • Multiple Themes & Layouts have been used to avoid any sorts of Footprints
  • Posts are drip-feed style, so that even if they are scheduled they look completely natural
  • The network is constantly expanding and new sites get added every month
  • All blogs will look and read naturally to pass manual verification
  • No SERP rise = refund guarantee. You are protected with a 100% SERP rise guarantee. If you don’t rank, we refund all your money!

Turnaround Time (TAT)

  • 5 days on average


Is this real? Will i really get a refund if my keywords don't improve their rankings?

Yes! All you have to do is provide up to 2 keywords and 1 URL and if you don’t get a SERP rise for any of your keywords, we will refund all your money. Before claiming a refund, you must wait for at least 3 weeks after getting the report.

How does the refund guarantee work?

If none of those 2 keywords bring you a positive rank change in Google then we will refund your money. As written above, you must wait at least 3 weeks after getting the report to claim a refund.Please also note that you cannot ask for a refund after 6 weeks of placing the order IE “If you have not seen a serp rise for at least 1 of the keyword terms, then you have to ask for the refund between the 4th-6th week of placing the order.

How long will it take before I see results ?

Typically, results are seen in the first 2-3 weeks. Every campaign is different. As such, we offer every step of the way, so all your results are measurable.

Will my rankings last and are they update proof ?

No one can predict what google will do tomorrow. For this reason we employ industry best practices with every process. Not only does this make us 100% Zoogle friendly, but it ensures all our rankings are for the long term.

How do we differ from the competition ?

We offer custom packages, quality and longevity. At Bundle Seo, our priority is to provide you with a positive return on investment.

How long is your Turnaround time?

Turnaround time differs from package to package. Every SEO package has different turnaround time. Please check turnaround time on every package before to make an order.

Is reporting included in the package?

We do not reveal live links in our reports to protect the network and our clients. As soon as your order is completed, we will send you a PDF report with published post titles and PR overview. We can also provide screenshot report with posts at your request.

Do you entertain new websites?

Oh yes we do! Pre existing websites or new ones, we do it all.

Can this get us banned from Google?

No! If your sites already blacklisted then you will stay there, but this service will not make any negative impact on your ranking. If your site is new or you have a low number of backlinks what could happen is that you move backwards in SERP, but only for SHORT time. After that you will come back to old position and continue going forward.

Does this service work even for non-English websites?

Definitely yes. We have seen increased page rankings on all sites we have worked on, regardless of location. However your keywords must be in English letters, not necessarily in the English language, it is up to you, so that we will still be able to make this service work for you. Also if your site is targeting a specific Google location like Google.fr, google.de, google.co.uk, etc please let us know while ordering.

How many anchors/URLs can I use?

You can submit as many keyword and urls as you want but to be eligible for the refund guarantee, you can only submit a maximum of 3 keywords and 2 urls. Please make sure that your keywords are properly selected.

How far have you gone with this service? Does this service still work after the Google Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird updates?

Yes it does. We have been testing our SEO strategy after the recent updates with great success. We have put lots of research on this service keeping the future in mind. No doubt SEO has become more complicated and maybe a little more expensive, with the saying that all good things come with a price.

Does your service guarantee page 1 ranking?

Google and other search engines do not have a hard and fast rule while ranking websites and their algorithms keep changing so we do not gurantee immediate ranking. We use optimization tools to provide higher ranks to your website but according to google policies some sites are not ranked immediately. However your website will rank for sure.

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